“Every child deserves somebody to turn to. They all deserve encouragement and guidance: the kind of example set by positive role models. Fathers Against Violence empowers men to be just that. We provide support to young, disadvantaged people so that even the most vulnerable can develop self confidence and self esteem.”

– James Gregory, Founder and Operations Manager

We offer a range of services and opportunities that provides inspiration and guidance:

  • We encourage education, so we will show young people how to get into college, improve their skills and get qualifications. We help young people develop personally and socially – giving them the strength to reject violence and a life of crime.
  •  We improve relationships between fathers and sons, motivating them to realise their potential, raise their aspirations and build themselves a brighter future.
  • We establish partnerships with parents, schools, community groups and local authorities. That way we can step in and help those young men at greatest risk of being sucked into gangs. We show them where they can get help and stay out of trouble.

For more information on us, visit our Contact Page or Tel 0161 868 0112 

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